Dr. Mel’s Approach

To support you in meeting your personal health and wellness goals, Dr. Mel pulls together her experience in internal medicine, lifestyle medicine, and transformational coaching, and particularly her expertise as a cancer prevention specialist, to offer these purposefully designed integrative health coaching programs.

Serenity – Prosperity – Longevity

The programs adopt Dr. Mel’s 360-wellness model, which includes three intricately linked domains:

  • Longevity (physical health)
  • Serenity (emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing)
  • Prosperity (financial and occupational wellness, and abundance mindset)

The rationale for support and instruction in all of these areas is to discover in which areas you may have subconscious blocks that are getting in your way to achieving your goals, and to address each of them in a holistic and coherent way, to maximize your success.

Who Is This For?

Individuals 18 years of age or older, including nursing post-partum women, can benefit from our program, regardless of level of physical mobility. Typical health goals include the following:

Weight management 
Whether you have a weight loss goal to lose 5 or 100+ pounds, or if your goal is to gain muscle, or simply to tone up, Dr. Mel can work with you to meet your goals.

Disease management
You may already be healthy and at your perfect weight and tone, but you want to learn healthier lifestyle habits to manage, or possibly even reverse, common adult diseases, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. 

Disease prevention
Perhaps you are currently healthy but have noticed that your family and friends have started to have some of the common adult diseases listed above. You may have always lived a healthy life, but you want to optimize your habits so that you can live as long, happy, and full life as you possibly can.

If any of these sound like you, Dr. Mel is a great match for you, because she is both a physician and a transformational health coach.


Her approach is never to just focus on your current health problem alone. Dr. Mel is always concerned with you, the whole person, and your overall general health, and not just for today.""
Mr. L.
Every day is a new chance, and I am making healthy decisions now. Dr. Mel has a way about her that puts people at ease."
Ms. M
"I've witnessed fantastic results, very impressive."

Mr. H.

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