Dr. Mel’s Approach to Health

Dr. Mel has a 360-wellness model for health, which includes three intricately linked domains:
  • Longevity (physical health)
  • Serenity (emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing)
  • Prosperity (financial and occupational wellness, and abundance mindset)
If you would like to discover which areas may have subconscious blocks getting in your way to achieving your optimal health, then this session is for you!

Discover Your 360-Wellness Session

30 min | $97

Dr. Mel will evaluate your current health status, health practices, and health goals, and from there, explore options for getting you on track to your best 360 wellness.

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Dr. Mel pulls together her experience in internal medicine, lifestyle medicine, and transformational coaching, and particularly her expertise as a cancer prevention specialist, to offer purposefully designed integrative health coaching programs.

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