Dr. Mel's Longevity Community

Finally get a handle on what you need to do to fuel your body, stop dieting, create movement and live up to your healthiest potential!

Knowing the best foods to eat to obtain optimal health, help prevent cancer and stay fit is not based on diets. It’s based on science! Knowing how much hydration is important, what postures are correct for exercises, and having techniques for insuring a restorative night of sleep are also key factors in a long and healthy life.

While the vision a great body is always on everyone’s wish list – getting there is a lot simpler than you might think. Dr. Mel gives you the science behind the choices you can make that will put you on the path toward your best physical self, and assist you in attaining the fitness you need for a long and healthy life.

What is Dr. Mel's Longevity Community?

A safe-haven to improve your understanding of nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, guilt-free cooking and healthy shopping tips as choices, not limitations. Learn life-changing habits in an interactive virtual community of people aiming at a meaningful, happy, and healthy longevity.

Dr. Mel's Longevity Community...
The brain-child of Melanie Palomares, M.D., M.S.

“Dr. Mel” is a Preventive Oncologist and Transformational Health Coach who learned the hard way that how you think about your health and your mindset directly affects whether you struggle or flourish.

Dr. Mel was well established in the international academic cancer research community when she took a huge life-altering hit in a not-so-fun divorce. While rolling in the muck of emotional ruin, Dr. Mel experienced several health issues, ranging from stress-related weight gain to hypertension and even cancer. 

As Dr. Mel put her own wellbeing back on solid ground, she availed herself of every financial, fitness, and Meditative expert she could find, and with her analytical mind researched what wellbeing and fitness had in common. She knew the answer: mindset, clarity of vision, and daily intentional choices! 

Your health, wellness and peace of mind may start with understanding the connection, but there is so much more to it. Dr. Mel benefited from several communities to help her to shift her thinking and create a new reality for herself. Now she has created a virtually interactive Longevity Community to support you in choosing your own practices and actions, so you can find your way back to optimal health, just like she did. 

What do you get with your
Longevity Community Membership?

The advantages of being in a community with others studying the best ways to remain healthy is that you have input from all of your fellow members. Everyone can compare notes as to how different strategies are working and you have additional support from your community for challenges and classes.

We feature original recipes that you will not see anywhere else, as well as healthy hacks for traditional recipes that weren’t that healthy to begin with. The amazing array of organic and healthy products that are available today provide us with choices that always work – as long as they taste great! We will also feature Vegan and Vegetarian alternatives for all of the recipes that include dairy or meat products, and we are always conscious of the need to replace wheat. Even if you are not gluten intolerant, this is something that is best to avoid.

We curate extensive nutritional information and are constantly adding to our library of foods that are good for you. We list carbs, fats, proteins and calories, as well as the health benefits of including certain foods in your arsenal of good things to eat.

In addition to the 90 day “Recipe A Week” countdown to the holidays starting in October, you will receive discounts on groundbreaking classes on Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep and Exercise from Dr. Mel and her health experts. Once we get back to more normal activities after COVID, we will be offering retreats and seminars for more intensive health checkups.

Dr. Mel will provide weekly tips and helpful hints for inspiration, nutrition, healthful mindset, proper hydration, and restorative sleep. There will be lots to drink in and and plenty to talk about with your community.

Dr. Mel offers an extensive amount of coursework in Nutrition, Hydration, Mindset, Mindfulness and Movement. These classes will be available to you at a substantial discount from the public offerings. Plus you have the benefit of the community to interact with as your participate.  Dr. Mel will also be featuring classes from experts in the fields of exercise, how to avoid injury, and restorative sleep.

How much does it cost?


If you join Dr. Mel's Longevity Community today, you will have access to "Jumpstart Challenge 2021". In this 21-day Fitness Accountability Program you will have access to tips for fitness, restoration and relaxation including: proper hydration, stretching, sleep, mindfulness, and the bonus of simple substitutions for healthier holiday eating


Starts Monday November 29th.
🦃 It will get you from Thanksgiving to
🎄Christmas, healthfully!


The perfect program for your holidays,
and the best way jumpstart the New Year with a
Fitness Accountability Program!

Why invest in a coached community?

If you were to go out and try to get these services on your own you’d have to hire two coaches, a Private Nutritionist and a Fitness Coach. The hourly rate for a private nutritionist or dietician consultation costs from $50 to $175 per session. Fitness coaches vary just as much in their costs with the average advisor costing $40 – $70 per hour.  Even with both those experts, They do not come with the knowledge of a medical doctor and oncologist who has had to make all those connections for herself.

Your membership is only $14.00 per month. If you add Dr. Mel’s other two communities, Longevity and Serenity, then you will be a Triple Advantage member, and that is only $29.00 per month. You can belong to all three of Dr. Mel’s 360-Wellness communities for only $1.00 more! Take advantage of a preventative medicine program for your whole being… You simply will not find anything of equal value on the market. And, we know that Dr. Mel’s vision works, because she has helped hundreds of people. We’d love for you to be one of them.

Frequently asked questions

We encourage recommending anyone you care about to have a membership in this, or any of our other communities. The family that has the right mindset and skills will not only encourage each other in a positive way, but will also hold each other accountable, and children will learn good health and wealth habits while they are young!  

If you wish to truly promote abundance within your network of friends and family, we have an Affiliate Program that will add points to your membership that you may redeem as credit toward membership fees or toward merchandise. Abundance flows, especially in a community.

A membership in any of our interactive communities is a wonderful gift to consider purchasing for a loved one who might not otherwise choose to participate at this time. You will be literally giving them a gift of 360-Wellness! 

Your membership is on a month to month basis. You may extend your membership each month by simply leaving your payment schedule as it is, or you may cancel at any time.

If you have more questions just ask to speak to a Wellness Advocate. Contact Us

Our clients say

"I certainly did not expect the quality of information provided, and am thoroughly pleased by my membership. The introduction 21 Day program is worth it's weight in gold!" Giving your mind a reboot is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Ann W.
Vocal Coach
I am thrilled at the information and guidance membership provides. My mind and body are significantly less cluttered with intrusive thoughts and junk foods. Dr. Mel is a great facilitator. Highly recommend.
Cyndie S.
Retired Teacher

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