Dr. Mel's Triple Advantage Package

Unlock your potential Health & Wealth
and break through your uncertainty!

What is Dr. Mel's Triple Advantage Package?

Improve your understanding of how to meditate, eliminate stress, eat, sleep, hydrate and exercise healthfully, and create abundance with Dr. Mel’s Triple Advantage Package. This package includes membership in all three of Dr. Mel’s interactive  communities: Longevity, Serenity, and Prosperity.  Together these communities provide what we call 360-Wellness. 

Dr. Mel's 360-Wellness Communities...
The brain-child of Melanie Palomares, M.D., M.S.

“Dr. Mel” is a Preventive Oncologist and Transformational Health Coach who learned the hard way that how you think about your health and your money directly affects whether you struggle or thrive.

Dr. Mel was well established in the international academic cancer research community when she took a huge monetary hit in a not-so-fun divorce. While rolling in the muck of financial ruin, Dr. Mel experienced several health issues, ranging from stress-related weight gain to hypertension and even cancer. 

As Dr. Mel put her own wellbeing back on solid ground, she availed herself of every financial fitness expert she could find, and with her analytical mind researched what Health and Wealth had in common. She knew the answer: mindset, clarity of vision, and daily intentional choices! 

Your health and your wealth may start with understanding facts, but there is so much more to it. Dr. Mel benefitted from several communities to help her to shift her thinking and create a new reality for herself. Now she has created this community to support you in choosing your own practices and actions, so you can find your way out of the dark places, just like she did. 

What do you get with your Triple Advantage?

The Longevity Community is full of valuable content for your health. There will be weekly posts on how you can create a healthy longevity in your life, including motivational messages and informational blogs from Dr. Mel. Tips range from general nutritional guidance and proper body positioning for exercises, to muscle recovery, and restorative sleep. We have a catalogue of food facts that give you all of the information about the foods that are beneficial for disease control and health. And, there is a library of original recipes that we have tested for over a year to make sure that they live up to our standard of “nutritious and delicious”. In addition, we will regularly be offering classes on these topics so that you can take a deep dive into the latest scientific information when you want to know more. Lastly, you will be surrounded by others who are working on optimizing their physical health to live a long and happy life, just like you. 

The Serenity Community is designed to give you a warm, calming influence to each of your days. There are stress relief hacks, inspiring posts that give you a positive focus, and tips for remaining grounded in gratitude. You will also have access to a full library of original meditations. These meditations are based on a variety of disciplines and will round out any existing meditation practice as well as provides guidance for those who are new to meditation. You will be part of a community of high vibration individuals, who will provide you with a welcoming sense of belonging. Together, you will be a force for peaceful living. 

The Prosperity Community is the place to learn what works for you in creating a whole-being abundance. There are weekly posts with tips on how to integrate your health and wealth in a meaningful way. There will be financial education classes that range from debt resolution and credit repair to saving, investment, and even generational legacy building. You will have access to meditations focused on abundance, manifestation, and success mindset. In addition, you will have the opportunity to optimize your personal financial wellbeing with our approved smart money experts. Being part of this community will allow you to exchange tips and discoveries with each other for prosperous living. 

As a Triple Advantage member, you will have access to multiple discounts. There are discounts for both private VIP and group health coaching programs with Dr. Mel, discounts on private meditation classes and Voyager life-coaching with Ms. Andrienne, and discounts on all virtual classes we offer. In addition, once we get back to normal life after COVID, you will have priority access to all our retreats. 

With your membership we offer “Dr. Mel’s Create Your Prosperity in 21 Days”, which combines thoughtfully designed experiential exercises, affirmations, and meditations that will naturally shift you into an abundance mindset through a 3-week daily practice. Guided meditations are performed with the soothing voice of Deepak Chopra, using very intentional Sanskrit mantras. Serene video images are provided to enhance focus, for those who are new to meditation. Join our community membership now to not miss your slot in this free series. 

The peace of mind that you will get knowing that you have done all you can to remain committed to a full life of health, well-being and abundance is PRICELESS. The addition of like-minded people supporting you along the way will be an integral part to your journey and success. 

How much does it cost?

Sign up now to register for"Create Your Prosperity in 21 Days", "Meditate for Life", and "A Recipe a Week for 90 Days"

with your Triple advantage membership you get all three!!

Create Your Prosperity in 21 Days!

If you join today, you will have an opportunity join our upcoming program, "Create Your Prosperity in 21 Days." It features daily meditations that prepares your mindset for infinite possibilities by sharpening your intention and alignment with the flow of abundance.

“Create Your Prosperity in 21 Days” 

Starts the Sunday after you register to join and is emailed to you automatically.



Don’t miss your chance for a better

Health/Wealth Connection 

"Meditate for Life" a 21 Day series

you join Dr. Mel's Serenity Community today, you will have an opportunity participate in our upcoming program, "Meditate for Life". It features 21 daily meditations that prepare your mindset for infinite possibilities. You are supported by slowly enlarging your meditation practice and connecting with the flow of calm, power, and peace of mind.

“Meditate For Life” 

Starts Monday, November 1st and is emailed to you automatically.



Don’t miss your chance for a deeper

connection to your serenity

A Recipe A Week for 90 Days

If you join Dr. Mel's Longevity Community today, you will have access to our very special nutritious and delicious recipes. We will be posting one per week for 90 days. That will take you to the holidays with wonderful recipes you can enjoy without guilt. They not only taste good, but they are good for you, and your family!


Starts Monday, October 4th,

if you register before October 3rd.



Don’t miss your chance for the best tasting healthy food you’ve ever had


If you join Dr. Mel's Longevity Community today, you will have access to "Jumpstart Challenge 2021". In this 21-day Fitness Accountability Program you will have access to tips for fitness, restoration and relaxation including: proper hydration, stretching, sleep, mindfulness, and the bonus of simple substitutions for healthier holiday eating


Starts Monday November 29th.
🦃 It will get you from Thanksgiving to
🎄Christmas, healthfully!


The perfect program for your holidays,
and the best way jumpstart the New Year with a
​Fitness Accountability Program!

Why invest in coached communitIES?

If you were to go out and try to get these services on your own you’d have to hire two coaches, a Health Coach and a Financial Coach. Even if you take the cheapest packages on the market for health, you will be spending between $200 – $500 per month.  Financial coaches vary just as much in their costs with the average advisor costing $150 – $300 per session.  Even with both those experts, They do not make the connection that Health and Wealth are entwined, and you won’t get information that is coordinated to link the two disciplines. 

Your membership in each community is $14.00 per month. When you sign up & purchase the Triple Advantage Package you get all three communities for only $29.00 per month. That’s the price of two interactive communities plus $1.00, a savings of over 30%.  And, you will belong to all three communities! It’s a clear path towards optimal health and wellbeing. You simply will not find something of equal value on the market today. And, we know that Dr. Mel’s vision works, because she has helped hundreds of people. We’d love for you to be one of them.

Frequently asked questions

We encourage recommending anyone you care about to have a membership in this, or any of our other communities. The family that has the right mindset and skills will not only encourage each other in a positive way, but will also hold each other accountable, and children will learn good health and wealth habits while they are young!  

If you wish to truly promote abundance within your network of friends and family, we have an Affiliate Program that will add points to your membership that you may redeem as credit toward membership fees or toward merchandise. Abundance flows, especially in a community.

A membership in any of our interactive communities is a wonderful gift to consider purchasing for a loved one who might not otherwise choose to participate at this time. You will be literally giving them a gift of 360-Wellness! 

Your membership is on a month to month basis. You may extend your membership each month by simply leaving your payment schedule as it is, or you may cancel at any time.

If you have more questions just ask to speak to a Wellness Advocate. Contact Us

Our clients say

"I certainly did not expect the quality of information provided, and am thoroughly pleased by my membership. I've lost 28 pounds in three months without dieting! That is a BIG DEAL to me. I am now officially only overweight and not obese. I can see a normal weight in the not too distant future.. More importantly, Dr. Mel taught me how to get there. No judgement, just great energy and great information.
Ann W.
Vocal Coach
I am thrilled at the information and guidance membership provides. My mind and body are significantly less cluttered with intrusive thoughts and junk foods. Dr. Mel is a great facilitator. Highly recommend.
Cyndie S.
Retired Teacher

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